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Sweedu School ERP Software is one of the school ERP software in Himachal Pradesh, India for the last 7 years. Sweedu has successfully helped countless education organizations to get digital in Himachal Pradesh. The strong presence of the software has attracted many new schools and colleges of the state. The software is available with Web Panel, Desktop Software, Parents & Teachers Application services. Sweedu has totally wiped up the day-to-day paperwork like register-based attendance, timetable on notice board, paper-based exam, and much more paperwork into digital form through School ERP Software.

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Himachal Pradesh has one of the highest literacy rates in the country of India, the highest being Kerala. According to the census of 2011, the literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh is 82.8% which is more than the average literacy rate of India (74.04%).

The department of education in Himachal Pradesh is to be thanked for this. To encourage a high number of student education and continuation for higher education, the government of Himachal Pradesh has taken many steps from providing free primary education to organizing Career Aptitude Tests (CAT) for college entrances.

To complement the government’s efforts, the educational institutions have also taken steps to increase their productivity. The smart way to improve your school’s efficiency is to use school ERP. And in this blog, we will tell you how your school can find the best school ERP software in Himachal Pradesh.

Which are the Best School ERP Software in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh has over 10,000 primary schools, over 2300 secondary and higher secondary schools, and over 45 different colleges and universities. All these educational institutions can be benefited from using school software.

However, a lot of times institutions keep on trying to find the best school ERP and end up getting confused as to which software is suitable for their school.

But before that, we have created a guide for you to understand why implementing school management software is necessary for your school and how it can help you in the long run.

This guide points out various features and benefits of using the right school ERP system.

While there are many school ERP software in Himachal Pradesh available in the market, you will need a little more consideration to find the right school management software for your educational institution.

How do you Know if it is the Right School ERP Software for You?

Understand that you are getting the software not only for your school administrator but also for all the other stakeholders of your school. So, before starting your search for the school ERP software in Himachal Pradesh, take time to understand all the needs of your school, its teachers, students, parents, and others who work for your school.

Sketch out the most important needs of your school and then start your search for the school software. This will help you to look for specific features in the school ERP software and keep you from getting star-struck with the long list of unnecessary features.

Look for a school ERP software that offers you features that are necessary in the current times and keeps an end open so that in the future if you feel the need to add in a feature or two, you can do so by simply asking the software provider.

That being said, the current times demand some necessary features in school ERP that will help you to manage your school more efficiently and improve the standard of education at your school with the facility it offers the teachers and students.

Here are some things you should consider while choosing the right school ERP software in Himachal Pradesh for your school.

It Offers Smart Classes

Online classes have become one of the ways to offer remote education to the students when they cannot attend the class physically. The online smart class feature allows your teacher to conduct classes online with all the necessary tools and functionality. This ensures that the students are motivated to attend and pay attention to their online classes.

Apart from that, the video tutorial allows teachers to record their lecture video and share it with the students to download and watch it whenever they want to revise the topic. This also provides students the flexibility to learn at their pace.

It Offers Online Admissions

Online admissions have more benefits than one to more than one stakeholder of your school. It allows the students and parents to apply for school admissions from their homes using their computers or smartphones. Parents or students no longer have to wait in line to get the admission form and submit it back to the school registration desk.

Once the parent or student submits the admission form, it is added to the database automatically without the school administration’s interference. From there, the admin.

Moreover, it allows parents to pay their child’s admission fees online as well.

It has an in-built LMS

LMS is short for Learning Management System. It is helpful for students to manage their education resources made available by the school. Often schools implement a learning management system to help their students to manage their studying so that they can score better.

However, with school ERP software you can access learning management as an inherent feature that allows you to provide the same facilities to the students in addition to the facility provided to the teachers, school administrators, parents, and other people associated with your school.

Students can download lecture videos that are uploaded by their teachers from this interface and watch them offline whenever they want. This will allow them to understand the concepts and topics at their pace.

The digital syllabus can also help them stay ahead of their course to start to self-study important topics before the class.

It Simplifies Fees Collection

As the country advances digitally, people are getting used to having cashless transactions with businesses. At such time, if your school still accepts only cash payments then the process of fee collection is going to be a drag.

People tend to do easier work faster. So, if you provide them the facility of paying fees from their phones they will not have to withdraw the cash from the bank or drive to the school to pay their child’s school fees.

With school management software, you can set up a payment gateway with which your school can accept fees online without having long queues in front of the administration office.

It Provides Dedicated Mobile Applications

Accessing their account from a desktop computer is not always possible for many stakeholders of your school. For example, parents cannot always sit in front of the computer to keep an eye for notifications from school when they have their work to do.

A school management mobile application for such stakeholders is necessary so that they can manage their work regarding school on the go. School management software offers a dedicated teacher’s mobile application, a parent’s mobile application, and a school bus driver’s application.

These applications are filled with features that are helpful for them and can be accessed from anywhere using their smartphones.


Finding the right school management software does not have to be limited to Himachal Pradesh’s land border. Tools like SWEEDU school ERP software offers online services that you can purchase and access from your computer.

It offers you a complete school management solution without compromising on your quality of service for your students and their parents. The solution also offers you ways to increase your school’s productivity and profit.

Get a free trial of school management ERP software and learn how it can be helpful to increase your financial and educational performance as an institute.

Let us know what your thoughts are about implementing school management software in the schools in Himachal Pradesh. Share your views in the comments below. And if you think that this blog can help someone you know, share it with them using the social media sharing buttons at the bottom.



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