School ERP: Tool to smoothen the school reopening process
School ERP: Tool to smoothen the school reopening process

The Ministry of Home Affairs has started to reduce restrictions and release the country from complete lockdown, phase by phase. In that process, it also permitted schools to partially reopen in September. After that, schools were only allowed to stay open for students of grade 9th till grade 12th. Students can voluntarily come to school to discuss and solve their doubts with teachers.

However, the students and parents are still hesitant, and there are many challenges to overcome even after the schools officially reopen completely. The Ministry of Human Resource Development and the schools across India are trying out innovative ways to hasten the process of reopening schools.

That being said, once the schools reopen, the schools that are using may find it easier to go back to operating normally as compared to schools that are not using any school ERP. And there are several reasons why that could be true.

In this blog, we are discussing how School Management Systemscan be a tool that helps schools and educational institutions handle the process of reopening more smoothly.

Uses of school ERP in reopening of schools

As we already know, a school management system offers various useful features that streamline different processes necessary at any educational institution. Similarly, it can be useful for schools that are reopening after a long time in lockdown.

We are going to discuss some of the features and how they are helpful for the school as well as the students.

Smart Class and Video Tutorial

Smart classes and video tutorials help conduct remote classes during the lockdown. Once the school reopens, the students will not have any problem picking the course up from where they left off during their online lectures.

If a student has missed any online lecture, he/she can access it from the pre-recorded online directory of video lectures and be ready for when the normal classes start.

Attendance and Lecture-Wise Attendance

Schools that have kept a track of student attendance through the school management system will be able to separate those students who were not able to attend online lectures. Teachers can then give special attention to their studies and help them catch up with the current course levels.

Lecture-wise attendance can help teachers locate students who were not able to attend any specific lecture. They can either give extra classes to such students or ask them to catch up using the video tutorials.

Student and Teacher Management

This feature allows the school admin to keep a track of the current number of students and teachers present in their school after the lockdown. If in case, new students were admitted after the lockdown or old students and staff have left the school, the admin can easily mark changes in the database.

Online Admissions

Students and parents who have relocated because of lockdown can easily get admission in the nearby school by filling out online admission forms from the school management web panel. They can also submit their digital documents through the portal and get the regularly updated status of admission from the panel itself.

Parents and students will not have to stand in long lines to get admission to the school they want.

Online Exams

Simple online exams can be a great way to evaluate students learning from home. Teachers can gauge their students’ performance from these online tests and accordingly set their future plan-of-action for the syllabus they are going to teach their students to not make it too stressful.

Based on the level of students’ understanding of the subject, teachers can create a better curriculum that helps the student learn without putting them under too much pressure.


The school management system is built to help simplify the processes vital to run a school successfully. Even after the lockdown ends, school ERP will be a tool that decreases the workload of school admin, teachers, students, and even parents.

With its different and intelligent features, school management will help in smoothening out the reopening of schools. If your school has not adapted a school management system, now is the best time than ever. Make your school smarter by trying the one-year free demotoday, and you can later buy the monthly or yearly subscription at an affordable price.

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