Teachers in Lockdown: Challenges educators faced during the pandemic

The COVID-19 coronavirus has put everyone into a state of uncertainty. This uncertainty has affected almost every sector and every business thus impacting the future of our country.

It has been more than 7 months now since the nationwide lockdown was announced. For the last couple of months, the Ministry of Home Affairs has slowly allowed resuming normal work, in phases.

The education sector is one of the fields that were majorly affected by the lockdown. We know that the study of school children was suffering because of the lockdown. And that is why online classes were started so that students can continue their education.

However, there is another side to the educational system that also had to face just as many difficulties, if not more – the teacher’s side.

As a teacher conducting an online class for their students, there are many challenges they had to face and overcome to keep going through the pandemic.

Challenges teachers had to overcome during the lockdown

A teacher is not only a teacher during his/her working hours in a school. And this notion has shined through in these trying times. Teachers have constantly stayed in contact with not just the school but also with parents and students.

And that has come up with its own set of new challenges apart from the ones that everyone was going through.

Understanding the nuances of technology

This was the first most important challenge that teachers had faced. Using the available technology optimally to deliver effective lectures was harder for teachers that did not have anything to do with such technology until then.

This led to unprepared and disorganized lecture delivery. Unprepared teachers were also one of the main reasons why students were disinterested in online classes.

Many experienced teachers had to learn how group video calling apps worked, or how they could use Google classroom to send notes and other study materials. Many of them figured it out as they started teaching online and tried to make their lectures more interesting by different applications and software.

Work-life balance was disrupted

When the teachers taught in a physical classroom, they had a clear partition between their personal life and professional life. They only worked during those 6-7 hours of school and then they went home to their personal duties.

However, because of the lockdown, the lines have been blurred. At home, their spouse and children use laptops and computers too to work or study. In that case, if they have only one laptop in the house then often they have to take turns to use it.

Accordingly, they had to schedule their classes and their timings. Because of this, many times they had to take classes at hours when they should usually be at home had the school been open.

They cannot make a clear distinction between home hours and work hours when at home. They give the remaining time to solving doubts and problems that the student asks through a telephonic conversation. They receive constant calls from students and parents to solve queries regarding their studies or about the management of the school and fee structure during the lockdown.

Teachers often have to answer questions outside of their field of work. For example, they would get calls from parents or students asking about the technicalities of any certain application they are using for learning and teaching.

The constant stress of possible pay-cut

The lockdown saw a large number of people getting laid-off from their jobs because of the financial problems their employers were facing. Schools were no different.

While there were students to educate, many parents were in a tight spot economically. This is why many state governments asked schools to not take fees for online classes. This resulted in many teachers getting a pay-cut or partial pay.

Even so, the teachers dedicatedly kept teaching their students. Despite all these challenges, the teachers and educators did their best to ensure that their students get the education by any means possible.

Schools and educational institutions that use the school management software can creatively subside or remove these challenges for teachers.

How can School ERP help teachers?

A school ERP is created to facilitate teachers with ease of teaching and better connectivity with the students. It is easy to use with a quick demo provided by the customer service executive to let the teachers know how to use it optimally so that they can use its features to make it more interesting for students.

Its features allow teachers to teach their students remotely through online smart classes and if a student is not able to attend the class, they can also record a video lecture and put it into the video tutorial library so that the students can go back to it whenever they want to learn and relearn the same topic.

The school management system allows teachers to operate using an application on their smartphones. This means that they do not have to wait to use the laptop while at home. They can simply use their phones to teach students.

This will not only be faster and convenient but will also save time. If the classes are scheduled smartly, teachers can make sure that their work stays away from their personal life. It would have allowed them to spend more time with their family and children.

There are many different ways that the school management system can help teachers. In fact, it is also just as useful for parents, students, and school admins. It provides better interpersonal communication between these entities, decreases work overload, and increases the productivity of your school.


In these trying times, schools and teachers have come together to ensure continuity of education for every student. They are constantly trying out better practices to make education more fun and interactive with the students to avoid possible distractions.

During these times, people often do not realize that teachers too are facing the same problems as everybody else, if not more.
However, teachers are relentlessly trying to overcome these challenges and make sure that their students never miss a class.

With the school management system, teachers can streamline the process of teaching without extending it farther than their regular working hours and solve the doubts of their students without always being on call with them.

The only thing you need to do to adapt a school ERP for your school is to get a subscription. You get a free one-year trial that allows you to understand the different features and how they work to provide your school a better, faster, and productive handling experience.

What was your most challenging experience of teaching in lockdown? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our blog for more topics like this.

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