Student Management

Student Management 

Schools in India have a constant flow of new students, graduating ones, and transfers. To maintain a record of each student, their personal details, academic details, and similar other data, schools can use the Student Management module in SWEEDU school ERP software.

The student information system in the SWEEDU school management software allows students to access all their information regarding academics, results, and more related to school. With the student management system, teachers can get all the required information about the students in their school management application for students to manage their work more efficiently.

SWEEDU offers partial access to the student management module. This means that school administrators can choose which information about students is accessible by which teacher. Only the authorized person can view selected information about students.

Advantages of Student Management 

The student management system in SWEEDU school ERP software offers the following advantages for the school as well as the students:

  • Easier student information management.
  • Faster organization of student data.
  • Streamlined communication between students and school regarding student activity and results.
  • Single platform for all student-related information.
  • Secure with authorized-only access.
  • Cloud-based server for higher data security (in online deployment only).
  • Student and parent access to the personal and academic data of the student.
  • And many more.

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