Student Management

Student Management 

SWEEDU student management feature – the perfect way for students and teachers to stay on top of their academic progress with ease.

Students and their parents can use the SWEEDU education management software mobile app to access all student information, including their exam/test results, attendance data, and performance reports via this feature. Teachers can also use this function to get access to student data that they need for their daily work.

SWEEDU understands the importance of student privacy, which is why the student management feature comes with partial access. School administrators can choose which information about students is accessible by which teacher. This ensures that only authorized personnel can view selected information about students, protecting their privacy at all times.

Here are some benefits of using the student management feature in SWEEDU:

    • Easy access to academic information for students and teachers
    • Streamlined communication between teachers and students regarding academic progress
    • Increased efficiency in managing academic records and information
    • Enhanced security and privacy measures for student information
    • Improved transparency in academic processes¬†

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