With rapid technological advancement, there have been negative effects like an increase in global warming issues. One of the pressing environmental issues is cutting down trees for paper production. Schools use a lot of paper in their day-to-day functions and activities. Let’s discuss why you need to go paperless with Education ERP Software.

On average a school uses around 2000 pages per day for various tasks.

  • The administration department uses paper on tasks like admission forms, query forms, student records, payment slips, accounting details, newsletters, and data records.
  • Teachers use paper for conducting tests, creating study materials, assigning homework, providing worksheets, distributing report cards, passing permission slips, and subject handouts.
  • Students use paper for daily activities like homework, taking notes, submitting assignments, and worksheets.

Regular paper usage like this results in a lot of paper wastage and pollution every year. This alone is a huge reason to switch to a school management system. Using a school management system will help your school become paperless. Going paperless has a lot of benefits for the school, the students, and the administration.

Benefits of going Paperless with Education ERP Software

a. Save Time and Money

When you switch to a school management system, you can use its tools for everyday tasks and activities. It also helps the users finish up more tasks in half the time with job-specific features. You don’t have to make photocopies, get prints or send out memos to connect or share information. You can do all these things and more with just a click.

Education ERP Software saves your time as well as money. Instead of spending money from the school’s budget every year for buying paper, you only have to invest once in school management software. Switching to an Education ERP software will free up money in your annual budget that can be used to improve other aspects of the school.

b. Fast and Efficient Data Organization

Schools have to process a lot of data such as student information, employee information, admission details, fees management, and more. If you don’t use Education ERP Software then you have to manually record, track and organize all this data which is time-consuming and stressful.

With a school ERP system, you can simplify these processes and reduce the time it takes to organize and track data. With set features for student management, employee management, fees management, attendance management, and online admissions you can increase your data processes’ efficiency. Managing data digitally will also reduce the chance of human errors.

c. Increase Productivity by Reducing Workloads

Teachers have a lot of daily tasks like managing students, assigning homework, creating a lesson plan, managing their timetable and so much more. Adding the daunting task of manual paperwork to their day will increase their workload. Not to mention the time and the energy it would take to complete the paperwork every day.

When you use Education ERP software with the teacher’s app for your paperwork tasks, it will save teachers a lot of time. With built-in tools for assistance, these tasks take little time giving teachers the time to focus more on teaching. Digitizing this task will result into:

  • Reduced workload
  • Better time management
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality of education

d. Save the Environment with an Education ERP Software

According to an estimate, producing 1 tonne of paper results in 1.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission. When schools buy and use paper, they contribute to CO2 emissions as well as air pollution (because of delivery transportation). This indicates how schools contribute to the pressing issue of global warming.

When you use school management software, you reduce your carbon footprint. By making your management process digital you reduce the wastage generated by everyday activities like homework, assignments, forms, reports, and other paperwork. Adopting a school management system means you use sustainable resources and become a contributor to the go green initiative.

e. Set a Good Example for Students

Schools have a moral responsibility to impart academic and practical knowledge to their students. But what about educating them about their responsibility towards the planet? When a school decides to use paper, the students do the same. Children learn from actions not just words, so going paperless will help them become environmentally conscious.

Using an Education ERP system will set a good example for the students to avoid creating paper wastage. You could organize a seminar to discuss using sustainable resources in daily life.

f. Protect your School’s Data with Education ERP Software

Recording, managing, and keeping track of data can be a tedious job. Using paper as a means to record data means an increased possibility of human error. Recording data on paper means it can get lost, misplaced, or be tampered with easily.

Recording and storing data in school management software will result in better organization, easy accessibility, and reduced risk of data leakage. Schools store sensitive data like student and employee information, going paperless helps in protecting this data from being misused.

g. Online Student Reports

Making a student report for academic assessment or behavioral assessment requires a lot of data. Creating a detailed report on paper entails browsing through paperwork like report cards, homework, worksheet, assignments, tests, and exam sheets. Storing all these in a paper file increases the chances of misplacing the reports.

Switching to Education ERP Software will ensure a faster report creation process. You can access all academic data through a dashboard and compare it using tools. The report you create here will be detailed, resourceful, and accurate. You can share this report with students as well as their parents for better communication.

h. Make Learning Fun

Students these days use technology for everything. When you teach them with physical study materials, it can feel dull to them. Also, a lot of times students misplace their materials or damage them accidentally. These issues can be avoided if you use school management software to make your coursework interesting.

When you switch to a paperless school management system, you can gamify the teaching process. This will lead to increased student engagement and a better understanding of the subject. You can create a lesson plan using audio, videos, and infographics, and even offer offline video tutorials to help students learn better. Using technology regularly for homework, assignments, and group projects will increase the student’s tech skills that are applicable in multiple scenarios.


1. What is ERP for Education?

ERP software helps educational institutes like schools, coaching classes, and universities to manage their tasks online. It provides tools to assist with processes like admission, fee payment, attendance, exams, employee management, and transport.

2. Why do we need ERP in schools?

ERP helps schools to streamline their administrative and communication process. This improves work productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. It is also used to build trust between the school and parents by establishing real-time communication.

3. How do ERP systems work?

ERP systems work through a central database. A person uses this by accessing the dashboard which stores a variety of data. The dashboard shows real-time data from various areas in one place which can be sorted or used accordingly.


Like all organizations, schools have a responsibility for the preservation of the environment. Going paperless with Education ERP Software is a great way to be a part of the sustainability movement. It is a change that will benefit the environment and the school.

Switch to Education ERP Software to avail the following benefits of going paperless.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Fast and Efficient Data Organization
  • Increase Productivity by Reducing Workloads
  • Save the Environment with an Education ERP Software
  • Set a Good Example for Students
  • Protect your School’s Data
  • Online Student Reports
  • Make Learning Fun

With so many benefits and no negative effects make your management processes digital with a school management system. If you liked this blog then don’t forget to like and share this on your social media platforms with your friends. If you can think of more benefits of going paperless, we’d love to hear them so leave them in the comment section below.




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