Kerala ranks number one in India’s educational development index ranking and is currently the education hub of India. It is also the state with complete ICT solutions in all its public schools. Many educational institutes choose to install school management software in Kerala to integrate ICT and manage it all from a single interface.

School management software in Kerala is almost commonplace. That said, choosing the right software is more important than simply choosing the software to manage your school. That is why one of the major reasons for schools to switch to another education ERP software is the lack of after-sales service and support.

Another main reason is the fact that the software does not meet the requirements of the school in long term.

This blog will look at the different aspects of a school education ERP software that will help you boost your internal management using automation. We will also discuss how you can save yourself the trouble of switching to another ERP Software for your educational institution.

But before that, let’s take a look at the current education scenario in Kerala.

The state of Education In Kerala

As mentioned above, Kerala ranks first among all the Indian States in terms of literacy and education development index. It is also home to more than 16000 schools and many premier institutes like The Asian School of Business, IIITM-K, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Indian Institute of Infrastructure & Construction, and Institute of Design Kerala.

In 2016, Kerala Government claimed to have achieved 100% primary literacy thanks to its Athulyam scheme that identified people who haven’t completed their primary education and ensured that they complete it all within a year (Source:

The state government has introduced many such schemes and programs along with the federal government to encourage education & literacy among the populace.

Some of these programs offer scholarships, educational assistance, and teacher exchanges with others like the Erudite scheme allow students and teachers to connect with celebrated educationists and nobel laureates.

Kerala is also the first state in India to have ICT-enhanced classrooms in all its government schools. The state’s Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) is a government enterprise that develops classroom technology for schools in Kerala.

Enhancing Productivity with School Management Software in Kerala

The education ERP software offers you automation to do your daily management tasks with higher efficiency and lower manual effort. This translates into reduced risk of errors, faster school processes, and seamless internal communication between school stakeholders.

The school ERP software offers you many modules that simplify multiple processes in your school. Apart from its features and modules, it also integrates hardware systems to facilitate work automation. Let’s look at some of the major features and integrations helpful for your educational institute.

Online Admission Management System

School admission rates affect a lot of aspects of your school ranging from its popularity to its finances. Hence having streamlined admission management can effectively increase your school’s efficiency.

With the school management software, you can integrate your website and online payment gateway to completely automate the online admission process of your institution. The feature allows you to collect all applicant details and process them according to the criteria you set.

It then shortlists candidates who fit the criteria for the online entrance exam, if you have set one, and sends the admission confirmation notification to students who have achieved marks more than a set limit.

Students and their parents can pay the admission fees online. The school can accept it directly in its bank account with the integrated payment gateway.

The online admission management module also works as a lead management system for schools to manage parents and students who have shown interest in the institution.

Online Attendance Management System

Recording school students and staff attendance help in deciding on some important factors. Many schools have a minimum attendance requirement for students to appear in exams. Attendance management helps in maintaining error-free records of each student, their daily as well lecture-wise attendance.

Similarly, attendance is also the deciding factor for staff payroll. Monthly employee attendance automatically calculates the total pay for each employee based on different types of paid and unpaid leaves.

The attendance management system integrates embedded hardware systems like RFID readers, UHF Gates, and Biometric Machines. With this integration, schools can cut down the time they spend on taking daily attendance. For colleges and universities that take attendance for every lecture, the education ERP offers a lecture-wise attendance management feature as well.

Fees Management System

School management software in Kerala state would be incomplete with a robust payment collection module. Kerala is a state ranked third in terms of the number of online transactions per service. School fees management would allow schools to manage their student fees with greater ease and efficiency.

With the fees management system in education ERP software, schools can manage online and offline fees paid by parents or students. Online school fees are collected using a payment gateway integration with the school software whereas the fees management module offers tools and features to manage offline payment modes like cheque, cash, and demand draft.

Multiple Features for Seamless Communication

Communication is an important aspect of higher productivity and so is the time your institution spends on communicating important messages. Faster and streamlined communication increases institution productivity while manual or slower communication can slow down your school’s processes.

With school management software, schools in Kerala can digitize communication for a seamless productivity experience. The software offers you multiple platforms to manage communication. These would include:

  • Push Notifications in School ERP Mobile Apps for Stakeholders
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Internal Chat features
  • Multi-user data access with real-time data sync

These features make it easier for all the school stakeholders to communicate internally without wasting time.

Custom Development

Some school ERP software vendors like SWEEDU offer you custom development options at minimal additional charges. These are school-specific requirements that can increase your school’s productivity but may not be as important for other educational institutions.

SWEEDU has an in-house development team to help you with these requests. With custom tools, you can manage complex processes specific to your school or any other institution. This allows you to automate these tedious tasks and pay more attention to the things that matter most.


Automation in the education sector is a necessary technological move. With Sweedu education ERP software in Kerala, the schools there can easily automate most of their daily crucial processes.

It not only gives your more time to complete other tasks but also reduces your annual expenditure significantly. To enjoy these benefits, you need to choose the right software for your educational institution, and what other better way to do that than trying the software before the purchase? A free trial of school ERP software also helps you to understand whether it offers the features you want or not.

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