Sweedu School Management Software
Sweedu School Management Software

Implementing a school management technology needs patience and carefulness. A single school management system is useful for all the stakeholders at educational institutes. The administrator, teachers, students, and their parents, the school management software is helpful for everyone.

However, a lot of time, schools or one of their stakeholders face problems regarding the school management software. And while this could be due to choosing the wrong school ERP software, there are also chances that it could be due to poor implementation of the school management software.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the top must-have features of the school management software. But they will only be useful if the school management software is implemented correctly.

Read the complete blog to find out the top 5 mistakes that you need to avoid while implementing school management software.

Not Planning the Integration

Not planning your school ERP software integration in your educational system is one of the most common mistakes that schools and educational institutions do. And that results in having a large portion of the software staying unused while you are still paying for it.

Any top school management software offers different pricing based on the featured or modules that you use. You can choose whether you want to pay it monthly, yearly, or student-wise. Choosing the right plan is important to make sure that you are not paying more for no reason.

Always consult the senior teachers or department heads to understand what they need and accordingly buy the software package that suits your needs. However, before that, you must make sure that the school management software offers all the features that you plan on adding in the future. This way you will only need to upgrade your software instead of purchasing another one that does not link to your existing software.

Adding Partial or No Back-Up

A school management software usually helps you in taking the backup of your data from your old school management software. You must make sure that all the data has been backed-up properly before switching the school management software.

If you are installing the school management software for the first time, then make sure that all the manual data that you have added to your computer is backed up properly. Having an incomplete backup or not taking any backup will increase your work afterward.

You will have to input the student data again, make receipts, pending notes, timetables, payment accounts, inventory lists, and much more all over again. Moreover, you may even miss some important data if you add it again.

So, it is always better to take a complete and careful backup of all the data that you need to run your school smoothly.

Not Understanding your Deployment Options

Many times, schools and educational institutes disregard the deployment options that the school management software offers them.

There are two options that the school ERP software offers you: cloud-based school management software and offline desktop-based school management software.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose whether you want offline or online school management software. An online school ERP connects the school admin, teachers, students, and parents, all in one single software. Whereas, offline school management software only allows a single user to use the desktop software.

Other than the desktop software and web application/panel, the school management software is also available as a mobile application dedicated to teachers and parents. However, these smartphone applications are connected with the online school management software.

Taking Partial or No Onboarding Session

An onboarding session is one of the most important parts of starting to use any new school management software. It is the session with the school management software experts to help you understand all the features and functions of the software.

As a standard procedure, we usually do the onboarding with one of the management people of your school which takes lesser time and gives you an on-premise school management software expert.

This 1-2 hour long school management software onboarding allows you to understand the software faster and start using it right away.

When you do not take an onboarding session or take a partial session, then you end up trying to figure out how to use the software by yourself which takes a lot of time. Not to mention that not everyone would be comfortable doing so.

Having an on-premise expert on the school management software allows your staff to understand the software whenever they want.

Moreover, this expert can also help out helping parents understand the software if, in case, they have any doubts.

Being Casual About School Management Software’s Usage

Let’s be real, the school is a place with hundreds of students along with their parents. Not all of them will start using the school management software web panel or the mobile application just because you said so.

There would stubborn parents who may resist the use of technology or students who may forget to use the software for homework submission. You will have to make the application and implementation of the school management software mandatory for everyone for faster processing and increased efficiency.

You can keep an introductory session with the students at the school about the use and benefits of the school management software for the students and convince them to use the software for their designated assignment submission or any other work.

For parents, you can ask the teachers to give parents some information about the software during parent-teachers’ meetings or you can keep a session for information during a school event where parents are being invited.

Only when they are convinced that the school management software is beneficial for their child and themselves, will parents use the software on themselves and encourage their children to do so too.


Any best school management software is a tool to help the school administrator, teachers, students, and other entities of any educational system work and communicate more efficiently.

However, implementing the school management software correctly is just as important as choosing the right school ERP software. Only then you can use the school management software to its full potential.

If you are yet to install a school management software in your educational institution, or if you are looking to switch it to another school management software then first get a trial version of the new software.

You can try school management software for free with the free demo version which lets you understand the software before committing to anything. This way you can be sure that you are getting what you need when you decide to buy it.

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