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The education industry has been growing rapidly and with it, the demand for robust technology in this sector is also increasing. Technological growth in any sector allows the stakeholders to grow the business to new heights and attain a new level of efficiency to do every task faster.

In the education sector, the main businesses are the schools, colleges, and universities that educate the younger generation. And the most robust technology that increases the efficiency and productivity of these businesses is school management software.

The school management software is a tool loaded with features that help every person related to the school system, be it the administrator, or the school bus driver. And that is why it is deemed to be the next big thing in the education industry. Many schools that are early adopters of the technology have already started using school ERP software. Soon other schools have started following.

But what makes school management software the next big thing in the education industry? Read further to know all about it.

It Streamlines Administration

Clever administration is necessary to keep your school running smoothly through every thick and thin. Right from data management to managing expenses and keeping the communication flowing within every entity, there are many tasks that the administration does every day.

The processes are time-taking, more expensive, and overall less efficient.

With school management software, these processes can be completed with increased efficiency and lesser time. The school ERP system offers many features that help in every administrative task to automate some of them while improving the speed of others.

Features that improve the productivity of the administration office include:

Student and Employee Management

  • Organizes the data neatly for easy retrieval whenever needed.
  • Keeps the data safe and secure in a cloud-based server.
  • Protects your data from getting lost due to hardware damage.
  • Keeps your data encrypted for added security.
  • Keeps your data encrypted for added security.

Online Admission

  • Automates the process of admission.
  • Organizes the gathered data neatly.
  • No additional human intervention is needed.
  • Saves money, time, and resources required to organizing admission events.
  • Reduces expenses on crowd management during admission.
  • Saves paper and other stationery.

Fees Management

  • Allows you to send reminders for pending fees.
  • Payment gateway integration allows you to accept fees online.
  • Safe and secure fee payment.
  • Detailed and organized information on student fee payment.

Transport Management

  • Create transport routes for school vehicles.
  • Add stops on routes.
  • Track every bus live with GPS integration.
  • Get alerts on traffic jams and other mishaps.

And many other features make school management software an ideal tool for school administrators.

Simplifies Learning for Students

Traditionally, a lot of studying and learning has been done using papers, textbooks, and physical workbooks. Online learning with school management software can seamlessly with traditional classroom learning to help students understand the concepts more quickly and access all the important studying material easily.

When the technological assistance meets traditional on-premise learning, it helps students to gain more accessibility to their studying and their curriculum. It reduces cramming the concepts and helps them in understanding them better.

The school management software has many features that give more convenience to the students so that they can study with more focus. With the tools that the school ERP provides them, students can learn with more facility and ease.

These features include:

Smart Classes

  • Allows students to attend their classes online.
  • The intuitive hand raise button gives a physical classroom feel.
  • Whiteboard sharing helps them understand concepts easily.
  • The real-time chat feature keeps the interaction up during class.

Video Tutorial

  • Provides downloadable video lectures.
  • Allows you to access them wherever you want.
  • Accessible anytime you want them.
  • Helpful in revising before exams.
  • Useful in accessing the topic you missed in class.

Homework Management

  • Access homework details from student login and parent login.
  • View and download homework resources uploaded by teachers.
  • Reduced chances of error in homework with helpful resources.
  • Access homework resources offline from anywhere.

There are other features that also help the students indirectly and make their work in school easier, faster, and more comprehensible.

Improves Teacher’s Work Efficiency

Teachers always have to make sure that the students do not get distracted while learning and pay attention to what is being taught to them during the class.

However, that is not the only concern for a teacher. They need to keep a track of their profile in the school, their pay, their substitute and so much more.

With the school management software, teachers can do all of that and more. Some of the features that help the teachers to do their work more efficiently include:

Employee Management

    • Manage Payroll history and track your salary for every month.
    • Apply for leave directly from your phone with the Teacher’s application of school ERP software.
    • Assign and view assigned proxy from your smartphone.
    • Manage your personal details from the employee management feature.
    • View attendance to plan your leave.

Smart Classes

      • The smart class feature is just as important to teachers as it is important to the students.
      • It allows teachers to take lectures without having to attend school.
      • You can share the whiteboard with your students to help them understand complex subjects easily.
      • You can also solve their doubts by real-time chat feature that allows the students to ask questions during the class.
      • Connect to your whole class through your login and teach them online with functionalities to enhance your and your student’s experience.

Teacher’s Application

      • School management software provides a dedicated teacher’s application.
      • It offers different features that allow teachers to manage their school tasks from their smartphones.
      • Manage smart classes.
      • Leave and proxy management.
      • Homework management.
      • Receive notifications.
      • And much more…

Homework management

      • Allows you to create and assign homework to a particular class.
      • Add relevant resources to the homework for less error in homework submission.
      • Assign class-wise homework.
      • Downloadable resources will allow students to complete their homework even without an internet connection.
      • Organized homework allotment to easily keep a track of all homework assigned.

These features and more allow the teachers to teach more efficiently and help them do their other tasks easily and faster.

Increases Employee Productivity

A school is not made with only administrators, students, and the teacher, but also the employees that make up the whole school’s education system. They help the school to run properly with their work.

These people include various staff members that teach and supervise extra-curricular activities, keep the discipline in school, maintain student safety, and manage other behind-the-scenes tasks to improve your school’s productivity.

The school management software offers various features for these employees as well. They include:

Library Management for Librarian

      • Library management for faster inventory management.
      • Efficient tracking of every book.
      • Paperless records.
      • Details of every book present in the library.
      • Reminder for book return date due.

Visitor management for Receptionist

      • Keep a digital record of every visitor to your school.
      • Click a real-time picture of the visitor for increased security.
      • Every visitor’s details including the time they came in and went out, and whom they wanted to meet.

Hostel Management for Warden

      • Manage hostel buildings.
      • Check the availability of rooms in each building.
      • Allot rooms to new students.
      • Manage hostel schedule.
      • Check available inventory and send a notification to the admin to refill.

Transport Management for Driver

      • As important as it to the administrator, transport management is also important for the school bus/van drivers.
      • It allows them to see the route allotted to them to pick-up and drop students and employees.
      • The dedicated driver/conductor application helps take attendance of the students and employees that board the bus.
      • Send notifications about traffic mishaps to the school and the parents.
      • Send notification if a person has not boarded the bus.

There are currently more than 10 login profiles that the school management software gives its services to. To all these login profiles, there are features that can help in making their task easier, more efficient, and faster.

Makes your School more Transparent for the Parents

Transparency is necessary between the school and parents for them to trust the school and send their children to the school. It reduces the parent’s concern over sending their kids to a new, potentially unknown place.

When the trust in your school grows, more parents will send their kids to the school because then, they trust their child’s future in your hand. Moreover, when the parents trust your school, they tend to be more accepting of any new technology that you want to integrate into your school.

The school management software gives parents features that will increase the transparency between the school and parents and make them trust you more. These features include:

Live Online Admission

      • Allows parents to apply for admission online.
      • No need to go to the school campus.
      • Faster admission process.
      • Allows you to upload the student document digitally from your computer/smartphone.
      • Admission confirmation notifications.

Online Fees Payment Integration

      • Pay admission fees from your mobile phone.
      • Pay tuition, school trip, and event fees online.
      • Safe bank-to-bank transfer.
      • Allows you to pay through different online payment methods like NEFT/RTGS, UPI, online wallet, credit/debit card, etc.
      • Secure payment gateway to keep your transaction safe and fast.
      • No need to carry cash to the school premises.

Regular Progress Updates

      • Get updates on when your child is absent to make sure that he/she never misses studies.
      • See how he/she is doing in every subject.
      • Get regular updates on your child’s performance in various curricular and extra-curricular activities.
      • Receive updates via push notification and SMS on your phone.
      • Access progress report for every test and exam your child attempts.

Receive Important Communication

      • Fee reminders to avoid the late fee.
      • Receive event notifications.
      • Get student performance reports.
      • And other important notifications and reminders from school.
      • Receive school homework along with important resources.
      • With WhatsApp integration, you can also receive this communication through your WhatsApp with images, audio, video, and document.

With these features, school management software helps the parents stay in contact with the school to see how their child is doing in their academics.


The school management software is a feature-loaded tool that is useful for everyone related to the school system. With more than 10 login profiles, the school ERP software makes sure that the productivity of your school increases in every aspect.

When the software has so much to give to the education industry, how can it not be the next big thing in the education industry!

If your school has not yet incorporated it, try the school management software for free with the trial version. Experience all the above-mentioned features and more.

Do you agree that school management software is the next big thing in the education industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And be sure to check out our blog for more topics like this.

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