School Systems Useful for School Administrators
School Systems Useful for School Administrators

A school administrator’s job is to make sure that the school keeps running smoothly through thick and thins. To do that, he/she has to keep every document, bill, slip, or data in any form safe and secure.

An administrator’s office is, therefore, filled with stacks of papers and files from a different time. These papers and files not only take up space in the office but are also very inconvenient to manage.

The administrator has to manually write every data to record it, and if he/she wants to find any previous records then it takes a long time to sort and find it out. The complete process takes a lot of time and energy that can be used in other places.

In our previous blogs, we discussed how the school management system helps parents, teachers, and students. It makes the communication between parents and teachers faster, allows teachers to manage their profiles, and gives students the flexibility to learn at their pace without making it boring.

With that, today we will discuss what school mana

gement software can do for school administrators in detail.

Benefits of school management system for administrators

The school management system is the most useful software for school administrators. It takes most of the work from the administrator and completes it in less than half the time. This way, it not only saves time but also saves a lot of energy and reduces the risk of error from the administrator.

Below, we have discussed some of the most important tasks that the school management system eases for the administrator.


Now, accounting is mainly done by the school accountant. However, the school administrator has to supervise the accounts or in some cases become the accountant to manage the flow of finances in and out of school and how it is used for various reasons.

The school manag

ement system allows us to keep a detailed accounts record of each monetary structure. The accounts feature allows admin to keep a track of fee records, employee salary, department-wise inventory, expenses, and profits.

All the data will be saved on the cloud so that it remains safe and secure for as long as you want. The school admin can retrieve the data whenever he/she wants from the online server for any future reference.


You remember sending out important announcements to students and teachers over a microphone and a speaker? These announcements were only limited to school. What if you wanted to send out announcements when the school is closed or when you want to send it to the parents as well?

Traditionally, such announcements were pasted outside the schools so that parents, students, and teachers can see it when the school is closed. Though, they had to take a drive to the school to get the announcement in the first place.

The solution to this is to send announcements to everyone on their smartphones. The announcement feature of school ERP allows the administrators to send the notifications of the announcement to students, parents, and teachers on their individual smartphones.

Student and employee management

As the school administrator, you have to keep an exhaustive database of employees and students, all past and present. Even if you keep the data stored in your computer, it will take so much space that eventually it will affect your device’s overall performance.

With the school management system, you can keep a detailed record of every student and employee. The data is stored in the cloud-based server so that it does not hog the computer’s space. Moreover, you can view, edit, and retrieve the data whenever you need it in the future.

It is easier to sort the data as it is automatically organized by the school ERP. So you can even find the data with a few simple clicks instead of going through pages of irrelevant data before finding what you want.

Transport facility

For a school filled with thousands of small children, the most important issue is of their safety and security. This is especially vital when the students are traveling to and from school.

The school administrators can make sure that their students and employees can travel safely from their homes to school and back with the school management system.

It allows the admin to track the school bus with GPS integration. A lot of you may want to know how GPS tracking works. It will let the admin know the live location of the bus at every point in time, its speed, and what stops it takes. The admin can also create bus routes for the school bus to follow while picking up and dropping the child.

The transport feature allows the school administrator to decide upon the fare of every student and employee depending on the distance they travel from.

Online admission and hostel allocation

We have already discussed how the online admission process is helpful for students and parents to apply for admission from the comfort of their houses. However, this feature is also just as helpful for school administrators, especially during the admissions season.

When the students or parents fill the admission forms online, the data gathered is automatically stored in the school management system along with the documents uploaded by them.

All the data is stored and organized automatically by the system. From there, the admin can access and retrieve the data whenever needed. The administrator can then also segregate the data based on confirmed admissions and pending admissions.

Similarly, the students and parents can also apply for hostel allocation online. From the received applications, the school administrator can easily allocate hostel rooms to students and also review their payment for the facility. The hostel feature also allows visitor monitoring so that the students stay safely in the hostel.

The hostel warden can also access this feature with his/her separate login in the school management system.

Library and inventory management

A library is necessary for every educational institute. It is a place where students can come to gather extra knowledge on the topics studied at the school or college. So, keeping it well-stocked is important.

The school management system allows the librarian to send a request for books needed in the library to the admin. From there on, the admin can order the required books and send them to the library without much hassle. So, communication between different departments becomes easier and faster.

Similarly, the admin can also keep a track of other inventory of the school. This can be anything ranging from school books and uniforms to stationery and sports items made available at the school.

The school administrator can manage the details of the inventory, its purchase, expenses, and repair all using the inventory feature of the school ERP.

These features, though may not be exclusive for the school admin, are extremely useful to decrease the time and energy for work needed to be done at school while increasing the productivity of the entire institution.


A school management system is an all-inclusive software that takes care of the different needs of parents, students, teachers, and school administrators. It increases the efficiency of the school organization by decreasing the overall workload and making processes faster and error-free.

As the country moves towards a global digital arena, school management software is a necessity to make your school upgrade to a smart school with more effective learning solutions for the students.

If your school is yet to move forward in the digital space, then now is a perfect time. Try the one-year free demo of the school management software and set a new benchmark for digital learning and schooling for your educational institute.

Which features do you think are most important for a school admin? Tell us why in the comments below. To read more on the topic, check out our other blogs.





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