rom a young age, people are used to organizing their daily activities thanks to the habits that they formed during their school years. Do you remember staying up late or waking up early to check the school timetable and pack your school bag accordingly? It always makes students sigh in relief when they see their favorite subject or sigh in defeat to see the subject they like the least.
In any case, a school timetable prepares you to face the subjects, favorite or not, and make arrangements accordingly. However, that is not the only good thing about having a timetable at school.

Importance of Having an Organized Timetable

A school timetable is an essential aspect to run a school efficiently. Besides preparing the students for the day, there are many reasons why having a neatly organized timetable is necessary.

  • Easy management of daily hours at school.

This is for teachers as much as it is for students. A school timetable allows teachers to manage their time at school. A well-structured timetable makes sure that no one teacher gets too many classes in a day.

  • Lesser workload, easier to concentrate.

When the workload is organized well, it puts students and teachers under less stress. This allows them to focus on the task at hand, whether it is studying or teaching. Hence, without stress, their performance also improves drastically. With the right management, teachers and HOD can also make space for other extracurricular activities.

  • Decreases confusion.

A proper timetable allows sufficient time for all teachers and students, therefore, reducing confusion. With a timetable, no one teacher will have two classes at one time and no student will have one subject too many times in a day.

  • Subject organization.

Proper subject allocation during a day is important. There are times when students are more receptive and focused during a certain hour of the day. At this time it is logical to put the most important subjects on the timetable so that students can better understand them and pay more attention to those subjects.
Now that we understand why having an optimal timetable is important, let’s see how timetable management can help you create the perfect timetable for your school.

Benefits of Using Timetable Management

The school management system provides a feature of timetable management. Since timetable is such an important aspect of any educational institution, it should be crafted meticulously. And so it takes a lot of time and effort to create a timetable for everyone, depending on their requirements.
This is where the timetable management feature of school ERP becomes helpful to HODs and admins. We have listed how the timetable management feature helps run the school more efficiently.

It saves time and energy

As mentioned earlier, creating a timetable that suits all is a tough and lengthy job. Timetable management function allows you to quickly organize and sort out the subjects and time allocated to each of them according to the class and teacher.
A hurriedly made timetable will only bring confusion and more hurdles in running your educational institute smoothly. And that brings us to our next point…

It reduces errors.

When you are creating a timetable for each class manually, errors and confusion are bound to happen. You need to remember all the time slots and their details to make sure nothing repeats itself to create an error.
With the school management software, all the work is happening with the help of a tool specially designed to create a timetable. Therefore, the chances of human error decrease by folds. It provides you with functions to craft a clear and error-free timetable in minimum time.

Allows students and teachers to prepare beforehand.

As mentioned earlier, timetable management notifies students and teachers of which subject to expect the next day. Accordingly, they can prioritize their work.
For example, if a student has mathematics the next day, he/she can focus on math homework and finish it before school. Teachers can create and take notes to share with the students of a certain class that is scheduled the next day.

It is paperless.

As a student, you don’t have to write the timetable on paper to keep it safe for an entire semester. The timetable created with the timetable management feature notifies every student of their timetable.
The student can access their timetable by logging in to their profile on the school ERP software website or web panel. Therefore, they do not have to carry a piece of paper throughout their school time.
These benefits allow school admin and teachers to craft an inclusive timetable for students and themselves without any hassle.


A cleverly made timetable makes the students’ and teachers’ jobs much easier and stress-free. It also helps students to stay focused on one particular subject at a particular time.
Therefore, a timetable is the most important thing for the students as well as teachers. And so, it needs to be crafted with care.
The timetable management feature of the school management system allows you to create optimal timetables without wasting much time and energy. Apart from that, it reduces human error and is a more eco-friendly alternative to manually created physical timetables.
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