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Learning institutions are quickly moving toward digitalization. One of the most popular tools to aid them is the education ERP software. It allows educational institutes of different sizes to manage their work with higher efficiency and automation. But the integration of the education software with the school mobile app for management can significantly increase your institute’s productivity and offer remote management.

That said, does your education ERP truly needs mobile apps integrated with it?

The answer is YES!

While standalone education and learning apps are available in abundance, having an app that’s connected with your school’s management software can easily offer you multiple tools and benefits of the software right on your smartphone.

Let’s check out some of these benefits we are talking about.

Remote access

No stakeholder of your school can have a laptop or computer with them at all times. Having an integrated mobile app for school management can your teachers, staff, and students manage their work from anywhere in the world using their smartphones.

Remote access will mean that the students can manage their studies and related learning tasks right from their or their parents’ smartphones. Whether they are in town, away, or unable to come to school for any reason.

Data synchronization

The education ERP software collects and stores a lot of your school data for you. To be able to access that data, you will need to keep your laptop with you at all times. Even if you access the web panel through your smartphone, it will not be displayed correctly because the panel is made for PC screens.

A mobile app integrated with the education management software can help you gain remote access to all the key tools for your role along with the necessary data. The data is synced seamlessly between the computer software and the mobile app.

This means that the data you add to your mobile app will also reflect in your account when you sign in to it via your computer.

Easy Module Navigation

As we mentioned earlier, a web panel is created for the computer screen and may not be as comfortable to navigate using a smartphone.

A smartphone app for school management makes it easier for everyone to access the information in their school ERP account, comfortably. Because the app is specifically made for smartphones, the menu and every other element are made to ensure easy navigation and accessibility through a smaller screen.

Uses Smartphone Apps & Settings

A smartphone comes with some cool apps that work best on a mobile rather than on a computer. Suppose a parent wants to pay their child’s school fees online, they can do so by connecting the school mobile app’s payment gateway with the pre-downloaded UPI application.

Similarly, Education ERP Software that offers a transport management system and app can use the mobile’s GPS to help parents & students track the school vehicle location without spending money on expensive GPS tracking devices.

Receive Notifications & Alerts in Real-Time

Computers and laptops are not easy to take everywhere especially if you are taking a break from work or studies. However, some news are necessary to reach you on time.

The education management mobile app ensures that all the notifications & alerts sent by your institution reach you in real-time.


1. What is a school mobile app?

A school mobile app is a smartphone application that’s either connected with an education ERP software or is a standalone app. It allows its users to manage their school work remotely while improving communication between the school and stakeholders to ensure transparency.

2. Why does a school need apps?

Education is rapidly digitizing. For educational institutes to stay with the times, they need to digitize their offerings while making work easier. An Education ERP Software like SWEEDU can help you automate the school processes however, for remote management, school apps are important.

3. Which is the best app for school?

School apps are of two types, either standalone apps or ones linked with the School ERP Software. While both apps are helpful for students, school apps linked with the Education ERP software can be useful for not just learning but also getting important updates from the school, managing school work, submitting it directly to the teachers, and more.


Implementing an education ERP software with mobile apps can be very helpful to all the stakeholders of your institution. Some of the benefits include:

  • Remote access
  • Data synchronization
  • Easy Module Navigation
  • Uses Smartphone Apps & Settings
  • Receive Notifications & Alerts in Real-Time

SWEEDU Education ERP offers mobile apps for six different stakeholders of your education institute. These include Owners/Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents, Front-desk, and School bus drivers/conductors.

Does your institution use mobile apps for education? Tell us your experience in the comments below. If you want to use an education app along with the ERP software, SWEEDU offers a free demo trial of the software which you can try and explore all its features for free.


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