Offline Examination

Offline Examination Management

Organizing an offline examination needs months of preparation and effective management to ensure that no problem arises for the students while taking the exams. But what if all that manual work can be done digitally, at almost half the time? With the Offline Examination Management module in SWEEDU School ERP Software, you can manage all the pre-planning of offline exams in your school.

SWEEDU offers you a comprehensive exam management system that helps you manage both, online exams & offline exams. While schools can conduct online exams on the software web panel, they can also use it to manage all the behind-the-scenes aspects of their offline exams on it.

Features of the Offline Examination Management Module

SWEEDU’s Offline Examination Management Module comes with the following features to offer more convenience to the school administration and the teaching faculty–

  • Integrated with the Homework Management module

This allows teachers to create their question papers by directly picking up the questions they have already given to their students as homework.

  • Integrated with the Class Management module

It helps the administration to lay out an effective seating structure for all the students taking exams.

  • Allows WhatsApp & SMS integration

With this, schools can easily send notifications & alerts regarding the examination to the students, parents, teachers, or other staff.

Benefits of Offline Exam Management System in SWEEDU School ERP Software

The offline exam management system is a well-connected module in the SWEEDU School ERP Software. Because of that, it gives you a seamless management experience.

The SWEEDU system module offers you these benefits:

  • Streamlined offline exam management
  • One-time question paper page setup for faster printing
  • Lesser time on drafting the question paper
  • Easier remote management using the SWEEDU Teacher’s App
  • Quick class allocation to save time
  • Seamless communication with stakeholders to notify exam timings, venue, timetable, etc.

And much more.

Get the complete experience of SWEEDU School ERP Software by starting a free software trial or connect with us at to know more.

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