School Announcement

In 2019, students were still used to hearing important school announcements through the PA systems placed in their classrooms. However, the sudden shift to online digital education changed the PA system to their smartphones receiving SMS & WhatsApp messages about crucial school announcements.

With the SWEEDU School ERP Software, you do not have to separately use SMS & WhatsApp to share important information with your students, their parents, or the school staff.

The SWEEDU School Announcement feature works along with the SWEEDU School Management Apps for Students, Parents, Teachers, and other staff members. So when the school administrator shares an announcement, everyone with the school app receives it as a push notification on their smartphones.

These announcements can be for events, exams, festivals, urgent holidays, or any such incident at the school.

Features of School Announcements Module in SWEEDU School ERP Software

You can use the school announcements module for reaching out to your students, parents, and staff on various channels.

SWEEDU School Announcements offers you to share announcements and notifications, using messaging app integration, SMS integration, and/or through the push notifications on the SWEEDU School Management App on the recipients’ smartphones.

Benefits of School Announcement Module

The school announcement module in the SWEEDU School ERP Software offers you the following advantages:

  • Effective communication of important information.
  • Streamlined connectivity with multiple channels like SMS integration, WhatsApp Integration, and Mobile App integration.
  • Announcements are sent to all involved stakeholders with just one click.
  • Lesser time consumption with digital announcements sent to everyone, in or away from campus.

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