School Accounting

School Accounting Management

Account management is important for any educational institution to keep records of the flow of finance in the school. But managing accounts manually using a register or an excel sheet does not ensure its security and data safety.

Even if you are using a computer to manage the accounts in a spreadsheet, you’d still have to do it manually and that process may take up much of your time. If your school wants to increase its productivity and profit then optimizing the amount of work done every day should be its first priority. The accounting management feature of SWEEDU School ERP Software is one such tool that helps you save time & resources without compromising the quality of your work.

With SWEEDU’s school account management module, your administrative department can manage each income and expense in real-time. Moreover, with payment gate integration, you can automate the record-keeping process.

Features of Account Management Module

Using the school accounting management module in SWEEDU School Software can make your accounting easier and synchronized on multiple platforms.

  • It connects with other modules of SWEEDU School ERP.

Managing the flow of finances from different modules such as fees management and inventory management would become much easier as all the transactions are recorded in one place.

  • Easier report creation and management.

You can easily create custom reports for different time spans and make better decisions with detailed accounting reports.

  • It also helps you record taxes and other additional charges.

You do not have to integrate a separate billing and taxing software to manage your school accounts. All of it is included in this one module.

Benefits of using Account Management in SWEEDU School Management Software

The school account management system module in SWEEDU School ERP Software is a great way to streamline your school accounting records. It offers you the following benefits.

  • Streamlined accounts management
  • Higher data security
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Reduced chances of error
  • Higher accuracy

Experience School Accounting module in SWEEDU School ERP Software. Start your free trial here or contact our sales team to know more.


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