Lecture Wise Attendance


Lecture Wise Attendance

The Lecture-wise attendance feature helps the school manage its students and staff with higher efficiency. It also establishes transparent communication between the school, its staff, and parents regarding student attendance.

The feature is for both, the students and staff of the school. School administration can track their staff members’ attendance for every lecture, whereas, teachers can track their student’s attendance for every lecture.

Features of Lecture-wise Attendance

The lecture-wise attendance is a part of the SWEEDU Attendance Management System Module. It is can be easily connected with an external hardware attendance solution like biometric machines and UHF gates.

Furthermore, it is also connected with the SWEEDU Parent’s App and SMS & WhatsApp integration to provide seamless alert communication between school and parents in case of emergencies.

Benefits of using Lecture-Wise Attendance in SWEEDU School ERP

The lecture-wise attendance feature combined with the Attendance Management System in SWEEDU School ERP Software offers the following benefits to your school.

  • Track students & staff members at regular time intervals during the day to ensure consistency.
  • Simplify payroll calculation based on lectures attended/given.
  • Increase student security when they leave the school without permission
  • Alerts parents on students missing their lectures for immediate measures for their safety.
  • With the biometric or UHF gate integration, schools can automate the complete attendance-taking process without wasting any time or compromising accuracy.

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