Visitor Management

Visitor Management 

Are you tired of keeping track of visitors at your school? SWEEDU School ERP Software has got you covered with our Visitor Management feature! Say goodbye to the hassle of manually recording visitor details, and hello to a secure and efficient system that simplifies the check-in process.

With SWEEDU’s Visitor Management feature, you can:

    • Enhance your school’s security by keeping track of every visitor that comes to your premises. 
    • Streamline check-in procedures and reduce the administrative burden on your staff.
    • Maintain accurate visitor records for future reference.
    • Customize the fields to fit your school’s unique needs.
    • Improve communication with visitors and follow up with them quickly and easily

Our Visitor Management feature is the perfect solution for any school looking to improve efficiency and security. Join the many satisfied SWEEDU customers who have already discovered the benefits of this feature. Try it out with your SWEEDU Education Management software FREE TRIAL.


Visitor Management system