Visitor Management

Visitor Management 

The visitor management feature in SWEEDU School ERP Software allows the school reception to keep a tab of every visitor at your school premises. It records important visitor details that include the following.

  • Visitor’s name, 
  • Purpose of the visit,
  • The person they are visiting,
  • Photograph, and more.

This ensures that every person that visits your institution is verified before entering. It increases student and staff safety to make your campus secure for everyone within it. Along with other features for student safety like transportation tracking, student management, and lecture-wise attendance, this visitor management solution offers you an added layer of security for students.

Benefits of School Visitor Management 

The visitor Management system in SWEEDU school management software offers many different benefits to your school. Some of them are listed below.

  • Better tracking of visitors
  • Decreased risk of unknown people entering the school
  • Increase security
  • Records of each visit so that the person is easy to contact.

And more…

To know more about it, read how school management software enhances student safety at your school.

Visitor Management system