Subject Management

Subject Management

SWEEDU’s Subject Management feature allows school administrators to manage their subjects and syllabus efficiently in a single interface. With this module, you

can create, edit, and manage subject details, such as subject name, code, and description, and customize subject syllabus based on different classes and sections.

The Subject Management feature also allows you to create, assign, and manage subject teachers and track their teaching progress. You can also set up grading systems and evaluate student performance based on the subject syllabus.

What are the benefits of the Subject Management feature?

    • Simplifies subject management and makes it easier to track subject progress
    • Streamlines subject syllabus customization based on different classes and sections
    • Enables administrators to manage subject teachers efficiently and monitor their teaching progress
    • Helps schools to evaluate student performance based on the subject syllabus
    • Provides real-time access to subject data for teachers and administrators
    • Increases transparency and accountability in subject management

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