Subject Management

Subject Management

Where there’s an educational institute, there are subjects with various topics. While the state government or the central government decides which topics to include in any grade’s textbook. But the teaching pattern and the syllabus often differ from school to school or institution to institution unless a state or central exam is up (examples: board exams, IIT-JEE, NEET, etc.)

In such cases, schools often decide their own flow of subjects & syllabus.

With the Subject Management Module in SWEEDU Education ERP Software, the administration can easily manage their subjects and each subject’s syllabus in a single interface.

Benefits of using Subject Management in SWEEDU Education ERP

The Subject management module of SWEEDU Education ERP Software helps you to

  • Reduce the need to manually manage the subjects and syllabus
  • Reduce errors in creating course outlines.
  • Create daily, weekly, & monthly goals for each subject for each class.
  • Keep track of your teaching progress

And much more.

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