Student/Staff Review

Student and Staff Revie

Getting feedback from stakeholders is crucial for every educational institution. With the Student and Staff Review feature, institutions can get valuable feedback from both students and parents about your school’s staff, and from teachers about their students’ growth.

Here’s how parents and teachers can use this feature:

    • Teachers can leave a student review based on their overall conduct and other aspects of their academic growth to help them improve.
    • Parents can review school teachers based on how well they teach and interact with their children.This feedback is essential for identifying areas of improvement and implementing necessary changes.

Benefits of the ‘Student and Staff Review’ feature:

    • Provides actionable insights to improve school operations and teaching methodologies.
    • Increases communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.
    • Helps in monitoring and enhancing student performance and behavior.
    • Provides a platform for constructive feedback and open communication.
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