Student/Staff Review

Student and Staff Review

For any education institute, the feedback of its stakeholders is the most important piece of information to improve further. SWEEDU understands that and that’s why offers your school an intuitive student and staff review feature.

SWEEDU allows school teachers to evaluate students by reviewing their conduct and other aspects of their growth to help them turn in the right direction. Whereas, parents can review the school teachers based on how well they are able to teach & interact with their children.

Benefits of Student & Staff Review in SWEEDU Education ERP

The student & staff review module in SWEEDU School ERP Software can help you with the following:

  • It helps the parents understand how their child is doing at school outside of academics
  • It also gives the school an overall picture of any child’s growth and where they need to pay more attention.
  • It helps teachers understand the parent’s perspective on their way of teaching & handling kids.
  • They can work on the productive suggestions given by the parents to improve their approach to tackling a subject delivery.
  • It gives the school administration, an overall picture of how their students are doing from the teacher’s perspective and how their teachers are doing from the parent’s perspective.
  • Above all, it gives the school administration very crucial information about areas of improvement to offer more to their students & their parents.

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