Sports Management

Sports Management 

Inventory in schools falls into different categories that cannot be mixed up for better tracking purposes. One of those categories is sports. While it is only one subject or extracurricular activity for most educational institutions, it needs a set of inventory too.

Whether it is the sports kits, bats, rackets, helmets, footballs, or any other sports equipment, schools can keep a tab on all the stock with the sport management feature of SWEEDU school ERP software. The school can manage its sports inventory and stock up whenever necessary.

Benefits of Sport Management 

The sport management system in SWEEDU school ERP software offers many advantages to the teachers, administration, and the students as well. Some of these benefits include:

  • Easier sports inventory management
  • Streamlined tracking of each sport equipment
  • Logs for vendors and suppliers to find the best price
  • Record of each class/section/student borrowing equipment
  • Details on lending time, return time, and late fees.

And more…

Sport is an essential part of child growth, with SWEEDU school ERP software’s Sport Management feature, your school can manage sports and its inventory with higher efficiency.

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