Sports Management

Sports Management 

This feature makes managing sports inventory simple and efficient. Schools can track various sports items – kits, bats, rackets, helmets, footballs, etc. This feature helps you track sports equipment, making it easy to maintain stock, quality, and check its availability.

Benefits of the Sports Management feature:

    • Better inventory management: Manage all equipment, check their location, last date of use, etc.
    • Improved efficiency: Easy events or practices organization with equipment tracking. 
    • Reduced costs: Avoid unnecessary purchases and save money on replacements with proper management.
    • Better organization: Organize all equipment with barcodes and tags.
    • Improved safety: Avoid any potential injuries during sports activities with regular maintenance. 


Sport is an essential part of child growth, with SWEEDU school ERP software’s Sport Management feature, your school can manage sports and its inventory with higher efficiency.

sports management system