Scholarship Management

Scholarship Management 

Scholarships encourage students to study harder and achieve the scholarship prize to learn in their favorite educational institute. SWEEDU School ERP Software allows school administration to manage the list of scholarship applicants digitally and assists them to choose the most eligible applicant from that list.

Managing scholarships on SWEEDU School ERP Software allows school administration to carry out the scholarship process more transparently and efficiently. When school gives equal chances to each student, a more just generation will follow.

Benefits of Using Scholarship Management in SWEEDU School ERP 

The scholarship module of SWEEDU School ERP Software offers various benefits for both, the schools and students. Some of them include:

  • Easily setting up the eligibility criteria
  • Automated shortlisting of the eligible applicants
  • Ensures fair practices
  • Streamlined scholarship processing

And more…

Together with SWEEDU School ERP Software, your school can more effectively offer better opportunities to talented students.


scolarship management system in sweedu school erp software