Proxy Lecture for Teacher

Proxy Lecture for Teacher

When a teacher is on leave, it becomes the administrator’s job to assign their classes to other teachers based on their schedules. Or the teacher can choose to assign their class to another teacher.

The proxy lecture for teachers module in SWEEDU school ERP software offers tools to streamline this process and get things done more efficiently. It allows teachers to manage the proxy lectures of their school without taking up much time or creating any confusion.

The proxy management system links every teacher and their tasks together so that teachers can easily assign a proxy lecture to one another depending on their timetable.

Benefits of Using Proxy Lecture for Teachers in SWEEDU School ERP

Some of the benefits that the proxy lecture management feature offer your school and its teachers are as follows:

  • Easier proxy management.
  • Streamlined communication between teachers.
  • Seamless proxy adjustments.
  • Easily record proxy tasks.
  • Faster communication in case of schedule changes.
  • Prepare beforehand for proxy lectures.

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