Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

We at SWEEDU understand that English is not the primary language for everyone, be it students, parents or admin staff, so we’ve made it easier for you to manage your school using the software in the language you prefer and are comfortable with. 

Because of this feature, all users can use our Management Software in 17 different Indian and international languages.

Benefits of the Multi-Language Support feature:

    • Improved accessibility: With the feature to use the software in your chosen language, users can easily navigate and understand how our system works, making it accessible to users from all backgrounds.
    • Increased productivity: Using the software in a familiar language leads to increased productivity and efficiency in staff members as they can work more comfortably with a complete understanding of all the other features.
    • Better communication: The software’s multi-language support feature helps facilitate better communication with and between parents, students, and staff who may not be fluent in English, helping to avoid misunderstandings and confusion regarding any and all academic activities.
    • hanced inclusivity: By offering the software in multiple languages, SWEEDU has become inclusive and welcoming to users from different linguistic and social backgrounds.

Check out this feature and more in the free trial of SWEEDU School Management Software. Contact our team via to get a quote.



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