Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

While English remains a global language, using any software in your own language makes it easier to understand and, at times, operate. Local languages in the SWEEDU School ERP Software offer you the same accessibility to manage your school in the language you are most comfortable in.

Schools can operate the SWEEDU School Management Software in 17 different Indian & International languages. The feature is currently available for the SWEEDU web panel and Student/Parent App.

Benefits of Multi-Language Support in SWEEDU School ERP Software

Multiple languages support in the school management software offers you the following benefits:

  • Easy understanding of the software for native speakers.
  • Clear instructions for students learning English as their second language.
  • Allows parents speaking native languages to get involved in their child’s studies.
  • Imbibes more confidence using the software in the language the user is familiar with.

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