Hostel Management

Hostel Management

Hostels are home away from home for students who wish to pursue good education far from their hometown. So, the educational institution must manage the hostel in a way that makes their hostel life smooth-sailing.

With the SWEEDU School ERP Software’s Hostel Management module, schools can manage multiple aspects of their Hostel facility. SWEEDU offers a separate login profile for Hostel Warden with all the right tools and features necessary for them to manage the hostel effectively through digital means.

Features of Hostel Management in SWEEDU School ERP Software

Hostels have a lot of things to manage to ensure that the students’ stay there is comfortable. To ensure that the hostel wardens can manage it efficiently, SWEEDU offers you the following features in the hostel management module.

  • Inventory Management – To manage the necessities of every hostel building.
  • Student & Staff Management – To manage the details of every person staying at the hostel.
  • Visitor Record Management – To ensure hostel safety and keep a track of every visitor on the hostel premise.

Benefits of Hostel Management Module

The hostel Management system module offers the following benefits to the school:

  • Efficient hostel management.
  • Easy tracking of allotted rooms and the number of its residents.
  • Streamlined management of residents’ data.
  • Increase hostel safety with visitor information like names and photographs.

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Hostel Management System in sweedu School ERP Software