Employee Management

Employee Management

Your school is a workplace for your teaching faculty and staff. For your school to work effectively, employee management is important. Employees in your school would include the teachers, administrative staff, housekeeping staff, and any other member who is paid for their services at your school on a regular monthly basis.

With the employee management system in SWEEDU School ERP Software, school administration can manage their employee details. The module also integrates the SWEEDU Teacher’s App to allow teachers to view and manage their profiles in your school.

Features of Employee Management Module in SWEEDU School ERP

Staff management is the basic module in School Management Software like SWEEDU. It offers you the following features:

  • SWEEDU Teacher App Integration.
  • It allows employees to view and edit their details.
  • Offers access to only the administrator and the staff.
  • Linked with other modules like Proxy Management
  • Appoint a proxy or apply for leave.
  • Integrated with Biometric machines for employees.

Benefits of Employee Management System

The Employee Management system in SWEEDU School Management Software has multiple benefits for the school administration as well as the school faculty & staff. They are as follows:

  • It allows staff members to update their school profile as time goes by so that only the latest information is there.
  • Teachers and non-teaching staff can view their payment slips and download them whenever they want.
  • It tracks staff attendance so that administrators can calculate the payroll with greater efficiency.
  • Helps administrators manage the employee records digitally and store them securely on the cloud.

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