Digital Content

Digital Content – The Future of Learning with SWEEDU

Reform Learning in Classrooms & At Home

SWEEDU is delighted to announce the release of Digital Content, a comprehensive education software application designed specifically for educational institutions.

With an increased focus on digital learning, Digital Content provides a variety of exciting features that make it easier for students to study and educational institutions to better manage their syllabus.

Assess Subject Knowledge with Practice Tests and Instant Feedback

Students can use Digital Content to test their subject knowledge with practice tests and receive instant results. This enables students to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in each topic as well as subject and work to improve their grades.

Study Based on Class and Board with Multimedia Study Materials

Students can study a variety of subjects focused on their class and board selection. Digital Content offers multimedia learning resources such as videos, e-books, and practice questions based on chapter and topic requirements.

Monitor Progress with a User-Friendly Content Tracker

Students can use Digital Content to stay on top of their coursework with a content tracker that displays how much study material they have consumed and learned. This assists students in remaining motivated and also on track with their studies.

Plan Your Study Time with a Customizable Timetable

Digital Content includes a timetable feature that allows students to effectively schedule and plan their studying sessions. This feature assists students in managing their time and staying on track with their studies.

Pricing Plans to Suit Your Institution’s Needs

To meet the needs of various educational institutions, Digital Content offers subject group-specific and custom subject preference pricing plans. Contact us to find out more about our pricing plans and how we can assist your institution in effectively managing its syllabus.


SWEEDU Education SaaS’s Digital Content can help you improve your institution’s education management. To learn more, call +91 7060043276 today.