Classroom Management

Classroom Management

The Class Management feature in SWEEDU makes it easy for educational institutions to manage their classes and allocate resources efficiently. With this module, admin can assign teachers, rooms, subjects, and more without having to leave your seat.

This feature allows you to set up classrooms, their sections, allocate faculty to each class, manage class subjects, and set up class syllabus. Furthermore, you can also track attendance, monitor student progress, and generate reports on class performance with this feature.

Features of Class Management with SWEEDU School ERP

The Class Management module allows you to:

    • Set up classrooms and their sections
    • Allocate faculty to each class
    • Manage class subjects
    • Setup class syllabus

And more with its intuitive features.

Benefits of the Class Management module:

    • Saves time and simplifies the class allocation process
    • Improves resource allocation and helps schools to manage their resources effectively
    • Enables teachers to focus on teaching instead of administrative tasks
    • Provides real-time access to class data for teachers and administrators
    • Increases transparency and accountability in class management
    • Helps schools to improve student outcomes and achieve academic goals

By providing real-time access to class data, simplifying the class allocation process, and enabling teachers to focus on teaching, this feature can help schools to achieve their academic goals and improve overall performance.


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