Classroom Management

Class Management

Managing a class would include many things ranging from what subjects will be taught, which teachers will teach those subjects, which lab is necessary for the class and hence where it should be located, and much more. With the Class Management module in SWEEDU School ERP software, you can manage all that and more right from your computer screens.

A class setup is often made considering many factors. For example, a class with subjects like chemistry or biology will often be closer to the chemistry or biology lab. This reduces the time students need to reach the lab and makes their practicals more effective. Similarly, it also helps in managing how many classes a teacher teaches based on their qualification & experience.

With SWEEDU School Management Software’s Class Management module you can allocate teachers, rooms with specific locations, subjects, and much more without needing to leave your seat.

Features of Class Management with SWEEDU School ERP

The Class Management module allows you to:

  • Set up classrooms and their sections
  • Allocate faculty to each class
  • Manage class subjects
  • Setup class syllabus

And more with its intuitive features.

Why you should be using Class Management in SWEEDU School ERP?

SWEEDU with its class management module offers you the following benefits.:

  • Higher accuracy when setting up each class.
  • Lesser risk of errors like assigning two classes to a teacher at the same time.
  • Faster class set up digitally.
  • Digital record keeping of each class, its teachers, subjects, & syllabus
  • Improved efficiency for managing every class in your educational institution.

And much more.

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