Authentication Management

Authentication Management

SWEEDU Education Management software Employee Authorization Authentication Management feature! We understand that not all features of our school management software are relevant for all staff members.

That’s why we’ve created this feature to allow school administrators to choose which features are useful for each staff member, giving them access only to what they need. This simplifies their dashboard and protects sensitive data from unnecessary exposure.

Benefits of the Employee Authorization Authentication Management feature:

    • Increased security: Limiting an employee’s access to only job specific features ensures that sensitive information [student info, financial data] is only seen by authorized personnel. This also reduces the chances for any information leak.
    • Enhanced efficiency: By simplifying the dashboard for each staff member with only job specific features, they can easily access the features that are relevant to their role, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and better user experience.
    • Customizable access: School administrators can choose which features to make available to each staff member, allowing for more personalized access to the software. 
    • User-friendly interface: With clutter-free dashboards, staff members can navigate the software more easily, leading to a better user experience. 

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