Authentication Management

Authentication Management

SWEEDU School ERP Software offers you a wide array of features for every stakeholder of your school. However, not all these features are useful for all the staff members of your school. That’s why SWEEDU offers the Employee Authorization Authentication Management feature.

This feature allows the school administrator to choose the useful features of the software for each staff member and allows them access to only those features. This removes additional clutter on every staff member’s dashboard and protects data as well.

Benefits of Authentication Management in SWEEDU School ERP

The authentication management features in SWEEDU School ERP offers you the following feature:

  • Higher data security combined with SSL-certified web panel & antivirus.
  • Reduced risk of data leak, alteration, or damage.
  • Clutter-free interface for every staff member with just the useful modules in place.
  • Higher work efficiency for every staff member.
  • Easily changeable feature authorization for promoted or demoted employees.

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