10 Login Profiles

10+ Login Profile

The school management software is meant to help the entire school rather than simply the academic stakeholders. Only then can a school truly be digitized. That is why SWEEDU offers you more than 10 different login profiles that allow every stakeholder of your school to manage their work digitally.

Every login profile comes with its own set of features. This means that a teacher will not have the same features as an HOD.

11 Login Profiles of SWEEDU School ERP Software

SWEEDU offers 11 different login profiles for various school entities. These login profiles include:

  • School Administration
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Parent
  • HOD
  • Sports Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Accountant
  • Front Desk/Receptionist
  • Hostel Warden
  • School Bus Driver (via Transport App)

Hence, SWEEDU truly offers a digital management solution for your entire school and not just teachers, students, and parents.

Benefits of having multiple login profiles

With multiple login profiles come multiple benefits for multiple people at your school. These benefits would include:

  • Pre-divided tools & features for every staff member, student, or parent.
  • Allows the stakeholders to manage various aspects of their job digitally.
  • Offers job-specific features & tools to every person in your school.
  • Saves time on multiple works and increases job efficiency.
  • Reduces the use of stationary resources on multiple fronts like reception, hostel registration, library book issue register, etc.

Get to know more about these login profiles from our consultants at sales@webmediaexperts.net or start a free trial with SWEEDU School ERP Software.

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