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Student Attendance management system

Student Attendance Management System in School ERP: Top 5 things you should know

Ensuring student safety at the educational institution is important for the institution. One part of it is taking regular attendance of every student as well as the staff. While many schools have a biometric system in place for recording regular staff attendance, most schools still take student attendance manually. For such institutions, the student attendance management system is a useful…

Homework Management Software in India

Homework App for Students in School ERP: How to Easily Manage your School Homework?

The past year has taught many schools, their staff, teachers, students, and parents how necessary digitization is in the field of education. With the digitization of the institutions, it is no longer a surprise that even the planning and management also gets digitized with technology like homework app for students. Such and other apps are built-in within school ERP software…

database management system in school ERP software

Database Management System in School ERP: What are the benefits for your school

Student data is confidential for each school and should be protected with utmost care. A database management system (DBMS) within school ERP software is a perfect tool for that.  The student and employee data help organize school-related tasks and activities. For that, organizing the data with high security is necessary. The traditional way of managing such a large database includes…